Who We Are

The Hindu Temple Newcastle

The Hindu Temple is the cultural and religious base for the Hindu community in Newcastle. 


Our Pandit Jis

Pandit Ji Bal Krishan Gautam

Resident Pandit Ji (Priest)

Pandit Ji Nayan Vyas

Resident Pandit Ji (Priest)

The Temple Executive Committee

The Temple Executive committee is made up of 12 elected members of the congregation who are then tasked with the responsibility of managing and overseeing the operation of the temple. Anyone who has taken a membership of the relative period can be nominated for the committee or have voting rights. Our current committee is as below

  • Mr Amrit Vedhera
  • Mr Anoop Puri
  • Mr Sandeep Kapoor
  • Mrs Angela Kumar
  • Mr Ashok Kumar
  • Mr Tarseme Chopra
  •  Mr Rajiv Handa
  • Mrs Sudharshan Rehan
  • Mrs Kanta Agarwal
  • Mrs Nirmal Sehgal